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BMC Service Desk 7.5 is Endorsed by APM Group (ITIL)

July 21st, 2009

The only helpdesk software tool that is certified and endorsed by ITIL foundation is BMC Service Desk 7.5

The APM group which accredited ITIL on behalf of OGC, UK Govt. has 3 levels before endorsing any tool with ITIL ready stamp. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels are issued by the testing stage in which the tool is.

Bronze Level – Tool developed, not implemented by any organization

Silver Level – Tool Developed and purchased by atleast 3 vendors (I seriously dont understand from where they come up with these arbitary numbers whenever they have to set standards)

Gold Level Implemented by atleast three vendors and Proof of purchase and installation.

As of June 30 2009, BMC Service Desk 7.0 is in Gold level and BMC Service Desk 7.5 is still in Bronze level.

Current Standings of BMC Software can be seen here:

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