BMC ARSystem Remedy Cache Purge Tool

July 30th, 2009 by Venkat

This is a handy tool which allows to clear temp files and helpful to maintain multiple users on same machine. It is also very useful during running test cases.

Download at : AR Cache Purge Tool

“AR Cache Purge automates the process of clearing BMC Remedy user cache on client machines. It first checks the registry for the Home folders(s) and then removes the .arf and .arv files. It handles multiple users and home folders on a single machine”.

Credits to : stevenwendal

Note: Please remeber that you are on your own when using any tool. :)



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  1. Todd says:

    not sure if this is still monitored but: I love this tool, even in 7.6 version because we have users that refuse to go with the web for now. BUT: this deletes the arcmds folder and it contains saved reports, macros, etc… Any ideas?

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