Localization of AR applications in BMC Remedy ARSystem

July 1st, 2009 by Venkat

When my client asked me work on localizing the existing application to Spanish, I felt challenging only because I don’t know how to read/write Spanish.

Even though I haven’t worked on Localizations before, I have an understanding how to achieve this. But the customization of error messages which are generated by AR System are tough to do, because some of the messages are generated by API.

How to Check Server Language:
– V6.3/7.0 – Admin Tool, File >> Server Information >> Configuration >> Server Language
– v7.1/7.5 – User Tool
, Admin Panel >> Server Information >> Configuration >>Server Language

How to Check/Change User Locale:
– User Tool, Tools >> Options >> Locale

How to turn on Localization of Error Messages:
– V6.3/7.0 – Admin Tool, File >> Server Information >> Advanced >> Localize Server (check box)
– v7.1/7.5 – User Tool
, Admin Panel >> Server Information >> Advanced >> Localize Server (check box)

All the system messages are called “COre” messages with message numbers less than 1000, the process of the messages is done in differenr ways, like some of the messages are generated AR Server itself, some by API(With out server involvement) and others based on AR locale of the logged in user.

These are categorized as,
1. Core Messages – Returned by AR Server itself
ex: message #307 – Required Field musst have a value during Submit
2. API Based – Returns a message based on server language
ex: message #303 – “No such form on Server”

The thing with localization is not many clients require one, but this particular client has helpdesks in more than 15 countries. Even though most of them are English speaking countries, but few have spanish, portugeese and xxxxxxx

Locale keyword syntax is $LOCALE$. ex: en_US. The first two characters gives the language of the user logged in and last two characters are the country. Ar system localization is good in areas like using same locale for several countries which use same language. For example, English is the common language across several countries, but there are variations in it.
English in great britan is different from USA. We can differentiate it if we want and use the same locale.

If we make a form view with just the language part like en(English) or es(Spanish), we can use for all the Countries which has english(en) or Spanish(es) as their language.

Regarding the localization of AR system messages, the AR system message catalog option should be selected at the server level. When this option is enabled, all the system messages will be read from “AR System Message catalog” form entries. One can directly change the messages in this form which will be used for all system messages.

For any other language than sever language we need to add entries in this form with the name of the AL or Filter and specify the locale for which it will be used.

Feel free to ask if any of you need some info regarding Localizations, will be happy to help.

Till then, Njoy


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  1. kristina says:

    Dear Venkat,

    Since you applied localization for a global company, did you tested any downsides of it. E.g. Costs (slower performance etc.?). I am new to this and got a task to understand localization issues of Remedy 7.6.

    Have you encountered any >
    1. Pros and Cons of applying localization before and after the AR system installation for a global company that operates in Japan, China, US, europe, Brasil.
    2. AR system installation and AR system clients (what is a client (tenant?) in Remedy)?
    3. Clarification on data and display language needed. Is Data language the language of input, meaning info/requests added/managed by requesters/support staff? And display language – language of interface (menu buttons, help text, error messages)?
    4. Data and display language compatibility (what is meant by this? French is not German, however in documentation it is said French and German can be installed in any combination, however French and Japanese can’t…)

    Any help appreciated,
    thanks a lot,

    • Venkat says:

      Hi Kristin,

      The localization that was done is not complete solution but a partial one which only uses the values of menus and filed values that we have provided the system with. We havent seen any performance issues but seen issues with data reporting for global management.

      1. Pros of the implementation was that we were able to show the form view in the local language which helped end users and fill most of the form in the local language. The main disadvantage is that we dont have any complete translation tool set in place but only partial.

      2. We havent faced any issues with user tool as the view of the form is based on the language used on the system. More over in web version is better to use than user tool for this as it increases the performance of the overall system.

      3.Yes, the Data language is the main language of the ar database that it primarily configured for, we had English for this.

      4. Since there are several special characters in each language some the these are not compatible with each other. For example, both AR server and database can be either French or German, when the Display language used on the user tool or web is French or German. But, when you have French database, Japanese language cant be used on the user tool.

      With 7.6 I believe there is localization kit provided for easy updates of form views, havent used it but should be helpful. Its always better to use English as database and server language as its supports almost all display languages.

      Venkat Maddala.

  2. Gaurav says:

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a query regarding localisation. Can we localise Search menus? I read in doc we can . But what I am not able to understand is how will the translation occur on thr fly? Can you help?


    • VenkatM says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Unfortunately there in no on the fly translation that we have done, we had multiple field values in each language we wanted and queried the exact language based on the view of the user. But, recently heard about using Google Translator API to talk with BMC Remedy, never tried it but should be possible.

      Venkat M

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