ARS Object History – A version control system for the Remedy Action Request System Server

August 1st, 2009 by Venkat

What is ARS Object History?

ARSOH is a filter plugin which enables Remedy administrators and developers to maintain a running history of changes to ARSystem workflow objects in a centralized repository. The daemon is capable of listening to events from multiple ARServer instances. Target operating systems for the first release include all platforms that support java.

ARSOH is capable of supporting all ARSystem workflow objects for which a Remedy server event is generated. This includes forms, fields, form views, active links, filters, escalations, containers (active link guides, filter guides, applications, and packing lists), and menus. This does not include flashboards, flashboards data sources, flashboard variables, flashboard alarms, DSO mappings, or DSO pools.

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Axton Grams

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