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August 12th, 2009 by Venkat

Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ITIL logo

Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ITIL logo

I have gathered some interesting posts which I have stumbled over the weekend.

The posts vary from basic knowledge of ITIL to how and why ITIL should be considered for your organization.

Take a look at them to know whats happening in the ITIL world.

ITIL implementation in 10 steps

How the huge process of ITIL implementations can be categorized in to simple 10 steps that that need to be done in wiki style.

Change can be a good thig – from v2 to v3

This blog post explained the changes in the syllabus of ITIL and how it will improve the overall standards and business process.

Why now is the best time for ITIL

This post explains the ways that a organization can some money in the recession by refining the process involved in day to day business.

Five ways to keepITIL relevant and save money

This is a simple but straight forward post by Brian Litt, explaining his views how ITIL can save money in this tough economy by following the best practices which are working for many.

Replacing the aging Helpdesk

This is a post about how the industry is moving forward to replace the existing old and not totally process oriented help desks to new highly responsive and reactive service desks.

Have a nice read :)




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