News: Industry First: BMC Software Batch Product Predicts Problems, Recommends Solutions in Advance

August 18th, 2009 by Venkat

Its always good to be pro-active than reactive, and in an organization with several business process running individually, it may be better to tie them up together to get efficient results and better visibility. With the new Impact Manager for Batch processing by BMC, reactive measures can be pro-active which in-turn saves time, money and man-power.

Only BMC Batch Impact Manager provides recommended fixes for batch exceptions. No matter where the job stalls, BMC Batch Impact Manager doesn’t stop at simply finding the point of failure. . . it helps you fix it, too. Learn more about this industry first.

Impact Manager 2.0


  • BMC Batch Impact Manager resolves production problems before they become business problems
  • Solution predicts delays and recommends how to fix them
  • BMC CONTROL-M automates and integrates database transactions, ensuring on-time processing of business information

Press release from BMC – Read More

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