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August 10th, 2009 by Venkat

You don’t carry laptop to a vacation in Hawaii, just to avoid ending up in working all night on the issues back at the office. The days of happy and peaceful vacation are over for BMC Service Desk and ITSM users or managers, your tickets will follow where ever you go and not allow you to have a peaceful sip in to that mojito (this can be avoided if you switch your mobile carrier to T-Mobile :))

With development of new products from Aeroprise and Rove which are backed by BMC to integrate Smart-phones like Blackberry, Symbian and Windows based phones (iphone users are saved for now :)) with ITSM modules especially Seice Desk.

While Aeroprise (heavily backed up by BMC) supports ITSM modules like Service Desk, Asset Management, and Change Management. The features of Aeroprise Mobility has Create, Modify, Search and Reassign tickets from your mobile phone. You can even generate reports using this tool.

One of the main reasons why Aeroprise or Rove will be a most sought tool is the growth of smart phones and their operational capabilities. With the technology and high speed Internet connections today’s phones are capable of handling more complex operations than before.

Here are videos for product demo of Aeroprise Mobility:

>> Whats new in Aeroprise:

>> Mobile Service Desk:

>> Mobile Change Management:

>> Mobile Asset Management:

While the competitor Rove, has Mobile management tool for integrating Service Desk and Performance Management applications. The features of Rove tool lacks creation of tickets in service desk, but it has updates on the tasks and all other things.

I havent found a demo video for Rove, but here is the place where you can register for a private demo.

Both products promise to save time, increase employee retention, increase efficiency, reduce IT spending  and decrease possible network or service outages. Does any anyone considered that we will be tied to office all the time? :(

Check the white paper written by Doug Mueller on Mobilizing ITSM here White Paper





  1. I’d suggest that a more modern and efficient approach to mobile ITSM is to have an application that lives in the browser, is not tied to a mobile device platform, and does not require middleware.

    For example, point your mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) browser to This is a true Web application and is what I mean by modern SaaS.

    I think Aeroprise and Rove are addressing ITSM market demand for mobility, but unfortunately they are just compensating for shortcomings in an old application. I blog about this issue here:

    Best regards,

    Rhett Glauser

  2. Thanks for mentioning Rove in your post, Venkat. We’re very excited by the new functionality in Mobile Admin, and we appreciate your bringing it to the attention of your readers.

    I thought it would be helpful to provide some additional information about Mobile Admin, and how it differs from the Aeroprise solution – especially in light of Rhett’s comment.

    Rove Mobile Admin is a solution that allows IT professionals to monitor and manage IT infrastructure using their smartphones. In addition to the BMC Remedy applications that you mention, Mobile Admin supports email servers, databases, web servers, backup services, virtual servers and a host of other servers, services and platforms. In addition to managing the BMC Remedy tickets, Mobile Admin users can monitor their infrastructure and, most importantly, can drill down into specific systems to take corrective action when unplanned issues arise. All through their smartphones! The result is greater freedom and convenience of course, but more importantly the faster response time that Mobile Admin enables generates dramatic cost savings by reducing system downtime. That is only possible with the direct and secure access to the corporate IT infrastructure that Mobile Admin provides – it can’t be achieved “in the cloud” outside the corporate firewall.

    Mike Gaines

  3. Greg says:

    I don’t agree with you on this, the golden rule of any business is to earn money and to get that done, it’s ok for managers to ignore what employees think. It’s sad but it’s truth.

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