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To use or not to use – Remedy core fields

September 30th, 2009

Every new Remedy developer will have this doubt, to use or not to use the core fields on any regular form. As everyone knows that all the Regular Forms on BMC Remedy AR System will have 8 fields with predefined id and names, though we can change the names, we can’t change the database id’s of the core fields.

Reserved fields a.k.a Core Fields

Action Request Remedy Core fieldsSource: BMC Remedy Admin Tool Regular form

1. Request ID

2. Submitter

3. Create Date

4. Assigned To

5. Last Modified By

6. Modified Date

7. Status

8. Short Description

So guys, what do you think should we use the core fields in development by renaming and re-using these fields or should we just hide if we don’t need them?

This post is in part with Remedy 101 section.



RfR blog – Smartphone ready

September 29th, 2009

Hi all,

Happy to announce that RfRRemedies for Remedy site is Smartphone ready. The list of Smartphone devices include Palm, RIM and my fav iPhone.

Just point your iPhone/ iPod Touch to RfR and see the difference for yourself.


The Home Page – RfR


Browsing the pages


Selecting Categories

IMG_0009 (3)

Portrait Mode

Get comfortable using your iPhone to browse RfR and get the updated news and information.

I am planning to post several interesting things in coming days, stay tuned.

Please update you bookmarks and feeds to the new address, post comments and get interactive.



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