News: Health Agency Achieves IT Savings – Wirelessly

September 15th, 2009 by Venkat

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The National Institute of Health conducts and supports research vital to the medical community. Recent increases in demand for their services have heavily taxed their IT resource availability, leading them to look for a way to operate more efficiently.

Using solutions from Aeroprise and Research in Motion, NIH has mobilized 50 BMC Remedy Service Desk support technicians on BlackBerry smartphones. The increases in efficiency and reduction in cost has been astounding.

View the 23 minute videocast featuring:

Dr. Doris Holley, VP & CTO, Strategic Advantage
Doug Mueller, Corporate Architect, BMC
Dan Turchin, CEO, Aeroprise
Neil Rosser, Global Strategic Accounts Manager, Research In Motion
Jason Andrew, VP, Worldwide Customer Experience, BMC

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  1. Jeniffer says:

    Video not working!

    • Venkat says:

      Trying to fix it!

      when moved my blog between domains, all the videos went down.

      Will fix this over the weekend.


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