Event – WWRUG09 November 9-13th 2009

October 2nd, 2009 by Venkatmaddala

World Wide Remedy User Grop

It’s Las Vegas style baby!

The major event for the year 2009 in BMC Remedy Developers community is going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. The only major event which brings the vendors and developers on to the same stage where they share views, ideas and experiences.

This year it will be great not just because the key note speaker will wear Hawaiian shirt and hiking boots, but the speech that is going to be delivered by him and the fact that is totally organized and run by User community itself.

Doug Mueller

Doug Muller, CTO BMC

I am excited to see this conference coming together.” said  Doug Mueller, CTO BMC, Co-Founder of Remedy.  He explains  the need and importance of conferences and how much  developers can learn by attending the seminars and discussions  with fellow men.

He also mentioned about previous RUG events and how fun they are  “note that after the User Conference held at Disneyland in the 1990s and at Disneyworld in early 2000s, the biggest complaint heard was that there was so much going on at the conference that was interesting and useful that they didn’t even get a chance to sneak out for a day to go to the park

Vendors that will be present at the even are Aeroprise, ARSmarts, Kinetic Data, Mobile Reach, Panacea, RRR, Rapid Tech, Seamless Tech and many more…..

Attend all the vendor stalls and seminars at the event, you can even get trained for ITIL at the event for little extra cost!

Registrations are still open and can be done here …

Click here for Online Registration

Official Site





  1. Jeniffer says:

    I have attended 2007 event and it’s a wonderful experience. Learned a lot and shared some experiences with felllow developers. But unfortunately will not be attending this year, hope someone post all the details on net for people like me.


  2. Sonia says:

    Its a costly event and the discounted price is out, even it is free i wont be albe to attend it because i need to get visa first :)

    • Venkat says:


      good there is an event just for people outside of US, its on Oct 29, Virtual conference from BMC

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