Order Your Complimentary Copy of VIEWPOINT, Focus on: IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance

October 19th, 2009 by Venkat

BMC Viewpoint Journal

BMC Viewpoint Journal

Includes insights from BMC customers and partners, as well as experts from BMC and the IT industry

This edition of VIEWPOINT provides advice and practical guidance to help you establish a solid program for IT governance, risk, and compliance.

Highlights include:

  • “The Winning Answer: Combining a Top-down and Bottom-up Approach to IT Governance,” by Scott Crawford of Enterprise Management Associates
  • “Best Practices for Effective Software License Management,” by Chad Avery of Accenture
  • “Improving IT Governance Improves the Business,” by Oscar Ceballos-Zuniga of Telvent
  • “Five Steps to Achieving a Continuously Compliant Data Center,” by Vick Vaishnavi of BMC
  • “Ride the Cycle to Compliance and Risk Management Success,” by Stuart McClure of McAfee

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