Release of Panacea Workflow Studio 4.1 for BMC Remedy

October 5th, 2009 by RfR

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The Panacea Workflow Studio is the unique migration, analysis and maintenance tool for AR System applications. This software is designed to automate migration of objects between server environments, facilitate performance improvement and enable Administrators to troubleshoot and better understand their applications.

New in 4.1

Support for .def > cache imports : –

BMC Remedy definition files can now be imported into the Workflow Studio and managed within individual caches, in an identical way to caches built from live servers. Once in the panacea cache file these imported def files may have normal Workflow Studio operations performed against them (comparison, document objects, relationships search, string search, graphical model view).

This new functionality assists customers who need to review cotents of ITSM patch files prior to deployment onto Development server.

New Consulting License model :

Designed with the independent consultant in mind the new licensing system will allow users to work using .defs > cache import feature only i.e. no direct connection with server. It will be a client based licensing model. Contact Sales for further information.

Licensing :

This functionality is licensed by user/client machine, using domain/user/client macid. All existing customers will qualify for one FREE user license for every Option 1 (or Option 2 plus Option 3) server license purchased. If you are unsure about current eligibility for upgrade contactSupport.

Features also include:

• Migration
• Schedule Migrations/Backups
• Create patch files
• Comparison Engine
• Dependency Browser
• Cross Reference Browser
• Performance Analysis
• Field/Index Analysis
• Interactive Query Optimiser
• Graphical Application Modeler
• On-line XML Navigator
• Documentation
• Search Engine
• Log file debugger
• Compatible with versions 4.x – 7 AR System


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  1. Jeniffer says:

    I like the new feature of def files usage and update in licenses for consultants, it saves a lit of time and money.

    I haven’t used the app yet, looking forward to update soon.

    Pleasebinclude download links in future posts and website of the publisher, anyway nice site

    Thanks for the info.

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