Chat with Doug Mueller about Remedy Platform and more…Part2

November 30th, 2009 by Venkat
Doug Mueller

Doug Mueller

Co-Founder of Remedy Inc.

CTO for the Service Management Business Unit at BMC

Product Architect for Remedy Applications

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Here is the transcript of the interview part 2:

(If you haven’t read the part 1, it is here)

Venkat Maddala: I hear about BMC developing app for iPhone, any news on that?

Doug Mueller: About the iPhone, that work is going on with Aeroprise now. They should have an iPhone solution within the next 6 to 12 months.  This is a large window, but work is going on.

Venkat Maddala: What do you think about the evolution of Remedy platform from the day it was introduced? and what is the best feature according to you in the platform till now?

Doug Mueller: It has been an interesting ride.  We never dreamed or imagined that the platform has the role in IT today that it has when we started.  It has continued to grow and evolve — sometimes not fast enough, other times OK — over the years.

One thing I am proud of is that if you go back to the architecture pictures we drew at the start of 1991, you will find the same architecture today.  Yes with extensions or enhancements.  But, the general principles and goals and philosophies and the basic architecture is the same despite changes to technology and rewrites and changes to IT.

So, I guess if I had to pick something that I think is the best feature it is the overall architecture and philosophy.  Everything else is just a feature to extend or fit into that aspect of the system.

Venkat Maddala: Here is an tricky one for you, If you have to change one thing in remedy platform what it woud be and why?

Doug Mueller: I am not sure that I can come up with one thing.  I wish we had kept the “workflow applies to all forms” feature.  I wish we had been more diligent about all display props applying to all field types rather than the mix-mash we have today.  I wish we had gotten the field inheritance feature in years ago (my one big feature that just keeps missing each release).

Venkat Maddala: Why people are not using remedy as a platform to develop applications and sell them others for usage (Juste like ITSM by BMC)

Doug Mueller: We do have this going on.  We have a partner in Europe who has built their own ITSM type solution and been selling it for years (Mansys I think).  We have a someone (not a partner but affiliated) in the US who has done the same (Bouyant).  There are others like Kinetic who have built solutions too.  And, Column Technologies has built a Case Management solution that they are selling and they are adding a CRM solution.  So, there are a number.  Less than I would like, but the interest has been picking up.  I am more interested in folks like Column who are building OTHER apps and not just a different implementation of the same ones.  Also, they are building within the system not just using AR and building around it.

As for why not more, well we don’t push the platform any more and many people don’t actually understand the capabilities and power it provides.  And there is always that 99% works but 1% is just hard so they toss the baby with the bathwater and say it is not useable because of x (and x is diffrent for each person).

Venkat Maddala: Recently I read about BMC SOD to dump Remedy Windows User tool (thick tool), is it a wise thing to do? Instead of developing it more.

Doug Mueller: Yes, the 8.0 release is the terminal release. Yes it is a good thing.  Customers don’t really want the overhead of a fat client and installation and such.  They want it simple and easy on the web.

And, a lot of the cool new features that customers want in the client are web centric and easy on the web and hard in a native too.  The web has the features of Windows and it has more.  It has the performance — except for initial screen load which we are working on.

We have almost every customer — even those where the “Remedy guy wants Windows” — who wants a pure Web solution.

Venkat Maddala: What about developers who feel Thick client is better than thin client? and about latency and the restrictions of a third party browser

Doug Mueller: Many of them have not been using the latest and greatest version of the product.  Even those who are critical have to admit that there have been major improvements in more recent releases.  By the 8.0 timeframe we expect parity in performance and better capability on the Web.  That is why that is the target for the terminal release of Windows.

Doug Mueller: Venkat, it has been nice chatting with you.  Hopefully, I have answered most of your questions.

Venkat Maddala: Thanks for the time and I really appreciate your patience in answering all my questions. I would like to present this in a form of blog post if you dont mind.



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