Watchout Service-Now, BMC is coming out for SaaS market share.

November 23rd, 2009 by Venkat

BMC Software, Forge Strategic Alliance to Deliver Cloud-Based IT Service Management on the Platform

sales force and BMC

Most popular Service Desk tool comes to most popular cloud platform which is specially developed by BMC Software Inc.  What this means to customers is that they can embrace cloud computing at the same time utilizing highly sophisticated enterprise level application with out worrying about any hardware or software issues.

As more people are moving towards cloud based solutions instead of existing models, BMC has made the right move to release Service Desk application on cloud. This brings enterprise level applications to many new customers who don’t dare to bare the costs of hardware or software licenses. will be taking the heat by this move from BMC. The only advantage Service-Now will have over BMC will be its multiple modules readily integrated to one another compared to lone Service Desk Express which BMC is planning to release sometime in Q2 of 2010. Pricing and Licensing will also be a big factor considering the economy we are in.

All the talk about how tough it is to maintain a Remedy Service Desk with all the updates to hardware and software will be gone next year with BMC entering SaaS (Software as a Service) arena.

Introduction and Demo of Service Desk Express from BMC on

Press Release from BMC Software regarding Service Desk Express on

More Info about BMC Service Desk Express Suite

Know More about Cloud platform from SalesForce

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  1. Hi Venkat, has been busy taking IT service desk market share from BMC, specifically the Remedy product line.

    Remedy hasn’t been able to compete so BMC went out and put Service Desk Express on! How does this help Remedy sales?

    If prodded, BMC will be the first to admit that SDE on is not an option for the enterprise…or even the mid-market for that matter. It is for small businesses.

    BMC’s problem remains. They can’t jeopardize the Remedy cash cow. This news does not change the competitive landscape for

    I blog about the BMC dog and pony show here:


    • While no one likes to be prodded or even poked, we will say that Remedyforce is a very strong offering for the mid sized enterprise and beyond. What do I mean by beyond? Well the solution is a full ITSM suite and can scale to any size you want. If you are already a cloud company, than this is right in your wheelhouse. And by the way, it is NOT SDE on It was built from the ground up.

      Remedy is also doing well for the enterprise market and picked up some nice market share this past year accoding to Gartner which selected it as the sole company in this year’s leadership quandrant. For those companies wanting to consume IT as a service we have Remedy OnDemand. Both are tightly integrated to the entire BMC BSM portfolio.

      I am not sure how or where all this market share came from that they have “taken from us”. According to their website they have like 400 customers? We have that many in most verticals.

      So if you want to leverage not only the intellectual property as well as the intellectual capital, give us a call or stop by or website.

      The ITSMguy @BMCsoftware

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