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January 11th, 2010 by Venkat

BMC has launched its iPhone app for accessing news, blogs, podcats, videos and white papers related to Business Service Management and other core businesses it dealing with. All these materials are already available on their site, the release of an iPhone app will make it more accessible  for people who are hooked to iPhones. (like me :))

I have seen the demo few weeks back and felt good about the initiative from BMC to reach out to the market in all the possible ways.

One of the reason, why we can’t complain against the app is its free and no one is forcing you to use it. Most of the other players in the BSM market doesnt even have an iPhone app yet, so its a first strike from BMC again.

Few lines from BMC site “BMC Today is currently an Apple iPhone/iTouch application created to make it simple to monitor and filter BMC Software news, blogs, podcasts, videos and Thought Leadership white papers to the mobile user.  This application is intended for use by IT professionals, enterprise executives, BMC employees and partners, customers, stock holders and students interested in products and services of BMC Software.

Few screenshots:

What’s New section



For more info, look at the release notes from BMC

Download the app from iTunes

Join the new group on BMCDN

Note: This iPhone app requires 3.0 software update on your iPhones.



  1. thedude says:

    Why does this need to be an app?

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