Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Remedy Windows Client

January 8th, 2010 by Venkat

The Remedy Windows Client supports many useful keyboard shortcuts for common tasks.

Source: UNC-Chapel Hill

To do this:


Copy all contents of all fields onto the clipboard

Ctrl + A

Copy selected text from a field onto the clipboard

Ctrl + C

Display the selected request

Ctrl + Alt + D

Clear all fields in a form such as RFS

Ctrl + E

View the status history for the request

Ctrl + H

Open the Run Macro dialog box from where you can run a macro

Ctrl + I

Open the Open dialog box to open forms, guides, and applications

Ctrl + O

Copy all field information in the current form to a new request while in Search or Modify mode

Ctrl + T

Open the Print dialog box to print the current application window

Ctrl + P

Open the Find Forms dialog box

Ctrl + F

Fill the fields of a form with default values

Ctrl + U

Close the current window

Ctrl + F4

Close all windows

Ctrl + W

Cut selected text, and copy it to the clipboard

Ctrl + X

Save the current request, and go to the next request in the results list

Ctrl + Y

Reverse or undo the last action in a character or diary field such as the Worklog field in RFS

Ctrl + Z

Close a dialog box without saving changes

Display Remedy help documentation

Display What’s This help

Shift + F1

Switch the Details pane to New or Create mode

Switch the Details pane to Search mode

Refresh a performed search

Switch focus between the Results and the Details pane

Paste the contents from the clipboard to the current location

Shift + Insert

Select the previous request in the results list

Ctrl + Page Up

Select the next request in the results list

Ctrl + Page Down

In New or Modify mode, save changes to the request; In Search mode, perform a search

Ctrl + Enter

Navigate through forms

Ctrl + Tab

Open a text editor or diary editor for a text field or diary field, or open a calendar or time control for a date or time field

Shift + Alt + F7

Execute an active link in a multiple-line field (usually used on machines without a mouse)

Shift + Alt + F5

Go to the beginning of the current field

Ctrl + Home

Go to the end of the current field

Ctrl + End

Go to the first field on a form

Shift + Ctrl + Home

Go to the last field on a form

Shift + Ctrl + End


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