DDE Functionality in the AR System

February 1st, 2010 by Venkat

DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange

A popular option to integrate BMC Remedy with Windows based applications, but use it while you can, because once the user tool is gone after release 8.0 we will be no longer use this action in AL’s.

Read the basics and something about DDE here

Found this ancient article in the archive of Virginia University,

The Action Request System uses DDE (dynamic data exchange) to communicate with third party Windows applications. This is how the Windows User Tool integrates with other Windows applications like the Motif User Tool uses the command line to integrate with other applications. There are five different ways that the Action Request System can communicate with third party applications using DDE.

  • Using DDE and active links in the User Tool, you can:
    • Send commands to another Windows application.
    • Change information in another Windows application.
    • Send a request for specific information in another Windows application to change the value of a field in a schema.
  • Using DDE and the User Tool, you can send a report to another Windows application and cause the application to open containing the AR System report.
  • Using DDE and a third party application, the third party application can execute a macro in the User Tool.

The Action Request System DDE operations have a timeout setting associated with them. The timeout setting is the amount of time that the Action Request System waits for a response from the third party application. If there is no response after this set time, the DDE operation times out and does not complete.

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  1. Venkat says:

    Found one more interesting article about DDE functionality here…http://service-it-remedy.web.cern.ch/service-it-remedy/clients/aruser/

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