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Thanks to PVB for this wonderful tool

What is AR System Change Tracking Tool?

AR System Change Tracking Tool will record all changes that are done to the Remedy applications.For ex, whenever a user creates a form/modifies a filter etc., the change information will be recorded in this tool.

This tool have been developed to address the following problems,

  • Currently we do not have a perfect mechanism to record all the changes.
  • Whenever multiple users are working on same application, it is very hard to find out who made the changes to the application objects.
  • No proper version tracking information in Remedy applications.
  • At the deployment time there is a possiblity that we might miss out some required workflows.

How to view the recorded information?

ARS Change Tracking tool comes with powerful reporting feature through which you can either execute the change details or download the details for version tracking purpose.

Please go through the user manual attached for the complete details about this tool.

Installation Steps:-

  1. Import the ARS-CTT-Def.def using AR Import feature in the admin tool.
  2. Import all the entries defined in ARS-Pilot-Entries.arx file using Remedy Tool.
  3. You need to enable the server events in the server in order to view the change logs. You can do this by navigating through, File->Server Information->Server Events Tab. Enable, Active Link, Field, Filter, Form, Escalation, View.
  4. Then the tool will start recording events starting from the time you have enabled the server events.
  5. Launch the ARS:CTT-Master form through the Remedy User tool for viewing the server events.

Mail author Vijay Bhaskar, at if you face any problems in installing this application.

Download it here!!



  1. Girish Gupta says:

    The Change Tracking feature is already available in AR in the form of Object Modification log wherein each change to a workflow object is recorded. So is the Remedy Change Tracking tool not a duplication? What is missing and what we need is a tool that can track changes across servers ( dev vs production) and be able to bubble up the changes seamlessly with a single click. So if the Change Tracking Tool can be enhanced to fill in this void, then it will add a lot of value.

  2. Priya Vinod says:

    Hi Venkat,

    Good Job. Please keep doing this.

    Priya V

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