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May 15th, 2010 by Venkat


Read the Full description as posted on BMCDN:

Escalation Timeline

This is a program which will connect to your remedy server and grab the escalations you specify and generate two outputs, one visible through an html page that will show you an interactive timeline of your escalation firing patterns, and another in csv format that you can do with what you want

In the  attached zip file are some files to work with…it’s fully functional in my little corner of the world.  Here is a list of the files and their  function – Source code for the program
-EscalationTimeline.class – Compiled version of said source code
-esc_timeline.bat – sample batch file that I use to execute my copy of the program
-esc_timeline.css – css file for the html file
-esc_timeline.html – html file that displays the timeline output
-esc_timeline.js – this is the ‘events’ file that the program generates, it takes the input in the config file and the escalations in your server and generates this file, this is an input to the html – This is the config file the program uses to generate the output, it’s commented fairly good-esc_timeline.tmpl – This is a template html file used if you choose a different output name
-README.txt – this gives you setup instructions
-RELEASE NOTES.txt – provides a history of features added
-lib\arapi75.jar – This is the Remedy API file that allows you to connect to your Remedy server
-lib\log4j-1.2.14.jar – log4j jar file
There are command line options for everything within the config file. Here is the syntax provided when doing a -h
All command line options are optional, those listed as required are required to exist either in the command line or the config fileCommand line overrides config file in all situations
-h/? This syntax message you are reading
-c Config file to use for configuration, if unspecified it uses (Optional)
-x Name or IP of Remedy server to connect to (Required)
-t TCP Port to connect to, if not specified a value of 0 is used (Optional)
-u Admin user name used to connect to Remedy server (Required)
-p Password for the Admin user (Optional)
-s Start Date for the execution, if not supplied it is assumed today (Optional)
-o Server Offset from GMT, if not supplied it is set to 0 (Optional)
-d Duration in days that you want it to calculate the timeline out to, defaults to 7 days if not supplied (Optional)
-type [BOTH|TIME|INTERVAL] If not supplied it defaults to TIME (Optional)
BOTH: Plots both Time and Interval based escalations onto the timeline
TIME: Just Time based, is better to use this option if you plan on using a long duration
INTERVAL: Plots just the Interval based escalations, and assumes the start time is ‘base’ and goes from there, recommend using short durations if using this option
-v Verbose, displays details of which escalation it’s working on a the moment
I’m using the opensource timeline simile project and requires access to the internet to grab the libraries from them. I sincerely would like feedback on the
program….the coding is sloppy but effective. One example of the sloppy….when determining which type of escalation, I do a cast in a try block, if the cast fails, I know it’s the other kind…VERY sloppy but effective for the most part. Let me know folks.
Download the code here
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