How to write workflow to auto generate Message Numbers

May 21st, 2010 by Venkat

As posted on BMCDN by Adam


This is quick guide on how to write workflow which auto generates message numbers for the message action in Active Links and Filters.

The advantage is that if a message pops up, it very easy to track it back to the workflow item that triggered it. Also makes writing documentation easier

The Process:

(I keep all this workflow in the development environment, and don’t move it to live)

1. Create view forms of database tables

  • actlink
  • actlink_message
  • filter
  • filter_message

2. Create a new form that will store

  • Message Text
  • Message Number
  • Active Link ID
  • Filter ID
  • Active Link Name
  • Filter Name
  • New Message Number

3. Create Escalations on actlink_message and filter_message to populate new form (I run every 1 hour)

4. Workfow to get the active link name from activelink and from filter tables

5. Workflow to auto generate a new message number

(I used for active links – Request ID + 10,000

For filters – Request ID + 20,000)

6. Push fields back to filter_message and actlink_message if the old message number was 10,000, updating the message number with the new value)

7. When I create new workflow that has a message, I leave the number at 10,000 (default value) and let the escalation auto assign a number.

(developed on ARS 7.1)


All credits to Adam Buteux


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