Usage of DBA Extensions with BMC Remedy

May 4th, 2010 by Venkat

Note: Usage of DBA Extensions is an advanced tuning technique which may cause more harm than good if used without proper care. Knowledge RDBMS is required to take advantage with this feature. Contact your DBA for more help!!!

Database (DBA) Extensions –

In general DBA Extensions are used to take advantage of RDBMS and SQL statements to create Forms, indexes and allocate space to them. Creating DBA extensions is a advance performance tuning mechanism very few of Remedy Admins does, when they run out of all other possible ways to fine tune the system.

DBA extensions are mainly used to manage database space and improve overall system performance.

DBA extensions provide:

> Vast control over location and size allocation for tables and indexes

> Automatically referenced by the AR System during initial table and index creation

> Automatically referenced by the AR System during table rebuild operations

> Allows for Vendor specific customization.

DBA Extensions are implemented using a database configuration file (ardb)

This file is normally located in the following directory:

  • Unix – /etc/ardb.conf
  • Windows – AR_System_Install\Conf\ardb.cfg

Source: BMC Remedy AR System 7.x: Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting course material


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