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May 11th, 2010 by RfR


Attention all you WWRUG’ers now is the time to go ahead and submit your topics for the next World Wide Remedy Users Group 2010 meeting to be held in October of this year. We are looking for topics that will provide updates to new or existing tools, applications and integrations, provide insight into recent customer experiences and how they were handled (to share with your colleagues), tips and tricks for handling tough situations or just plain help us old timers remember what we used to know (hey, there’s a lot of Neo-Listers out there J).

One of the most questions common I received last year (our first time as an independent group) was whether you received complimentary admission to the event if your paper got selected to be presented. The answer is that we don’t have the deep pockets of a large corporation to pay for your registration fees as a confirmed speaker, not that it hasn’t been offered but we prefer to retain the independence and freedom to make unbiased decisions in bringing this event to the Remedy community. This was a major concern for me last year as the Director responsible for bringing quality technical content to the table. We had slotted for 28 papers last year but were pleasantly surprised by having to expand the number of sessions to 34 in order to accommodate all of the quality technical content that was selected. We did have some folks submit the same topic and had to choose from the abstracts to identify the best selection for the group.

So as we open up the submission window I look forward to even more topics from an ever expanding number of ARSListers. If you were thinking of making this job harder by submitting a greater number of topics or more technical content, I say “Go Ahead…Make My/Our Day!”.

With Bob Beauchamp from BMC on board as our Key Note speaker, you can probably expect the same if not higher level of involvement from BMC as to the content surrounding the BMC Remedy AR System and ITSM Product Suite. They were responsible for 14 of the 34 papers last year and covered everything from Service Desk, Change, Asset and Service Level Management on the “What’s New” front as well as some hints of the future that you will only get behind the closed doors of the sessions at the WWRUG10 Conference in Vegas this year. Lot of other tools, applications and integrations from partners and independent sources were new last year and I am sure there are some updates to them.

If you don’t have a topic that you feel comfortable submitting but would like to suggest that someone from the list present it, please feel free to use list as the forum to ask your fellow listers to submit them for you.

I hope I have covered the topic at hand and we look forward to you making our job of selecting the session topics that much more challenging (for us) and rewarding (for you) plus seeing you all in Las Vegas this year. There will be more fun and excitement this year than ever and we are bringing back The Brew for the Celebration this year due to popular demand (hey, we listened to you!).

Here is the link to submit your topics

Have at it, see you in Vegas!

Phil Bautista, WWRUG10 Advisory Board

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