Overview console issue and fix

June 15th, 2010 by Venkat

Overview Console Debug – ARERR 8939 :


Typical scenario and fix is mentioned in the below document. Accessing Overview Console gives error ARERR 8939.


1.Check Plugin Logs. If GLEWF incompletes with ARDBCRollbackTransaction (“Entering ARDBCGetListEntryWithFields”).  This indicates that while quering SHR:ARDBC_OverviewConsoleTemplate form, ARS is not able to find records in it.

2. When you search on this form , if no records exists then; Export the data from a working server  and Import onto non-working server’s SHR:ARDBC_OverviewConsoleTemplate form that should resolve the problem.

3. Expected behavior after fix – If you look at the plugin logs,you would notice that, quering ( GLEWF ) to the SHR:ARDBC_OverviewConsoleTemplate form results are returned, you can also see GLEWF OK with ARDBCCommitTransaction.
Credits-Vishal V. Dhainje

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