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Introduction to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

August 25th, 2010

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Build and manage a flexible, scalable Cloud environment

Deliver superior Cloud services to your users through a public, private or hybrid Cloud.

This unique product:

  • Delivers a scalable and secure, multi-tenant solution for Cloud management
  • Automatically provisions the full stack of Cloud services, including network and storage resources
  • Provides a flexible, role-based, and policy-driven self-service portal
  • Integrates seamlessly into an existing management environment for consistent, unified control
  • Facilitates compliance and monitoring of services in the Cloud environment
  • Enables the management of both internal and external public Cloud resources from the same web-based environment

With BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you will:

  • Provision a controlled but flexible stack of compute, storage, network, and applications to meet users’ needs
  • Retire services and reclaim resources more efficiently
  • Reduce provisioning times from weeks to minutes with automation
  • Enable the utilization of external Cloud resources in a hybrid Cloud model
  • Leverage your existing investments in hardware and management technology, and extend them to the Cloud

Requesting, configuring and managing your cloud resources can be as straightforward as online shopping. In a few short minutes, we walk you through the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution, with its intuitive web-based front end to a robust, flexible set of cloud management technologies.

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