WWRUG10: Technical Sessions planned till date

September 2nd, 2010 by Venkat

This is the update about technical sessions that will be held at WWRUG10, Las Vegas, NV.

WWRUG10 – What We Have On Tap

I know lots of you have been wondering how we are going to make the Technical Sessions content any better than last time… but for those of you that are curious what the WWRUG10 Technical Sessions will be (not to mention Lenny’s fantastic Tutorial Sessions) here is what we have on tap:

Company Topic
Abydos Limited Getting SRM and ITSM to do what you want!
Abydos Limited Tools to help navigate and modify Remedy ITSM applications workflow in a fraction of the time.
Aeroprise, Inc. Mobilizing IT: a discussion with Doug Mueller about mobile trends and how to use smartphones to give your organization a competitive advantage.
Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Creating Custom Applications to Submit Incidents.
ARSmarts s.a/n.v ARSmarts: save time in development and troubleshooting, automate documentation, compare applications, and much more.
BMC Software, Inc. Accelerated Development using Developer Studio in AR System 7.6.03.
BMC Software, Inc. Ad-Hoc Web Reporting for AR System 7.6.03.
BMC Software, Inc. An interactive session with Demo on the new features in the AR System 7.6.03 release.
BMC Software, Inc. Discover the new Full Text Search Infrastructure in AR System version 7.6.
BMC Software, Inc. Extending Developer Studio with Custom Plugins.
BMC Software, Inc. How to Build a Successful Service Request Management Solution.
BMC Software, Inc. Lean Application Design: The effects of normalization.
BMC Software, Inc. Life Beyond the Remedy User Tool: Why it’s Safe to Leave it Behind.
BMC Software, Inc. Localize Your AR System Applications using Developer Studio L10n Toolkit.
BMC Software, Inc. Manage and Create Content for the AR System Home Page.
BMC Software, Inc. MidTier: Best Practices and Implementation for optimal performance.
BMC Software, Inc. Reaching for the Clouds: AR System Implementation, provisioning, management and maintenance in the Cloud.
BMC Software, Inc. Richer UI Capabilities in AR System 7.6.03.
BMC Software, Inc. State of the Art Integration for AR System and Atrium.
BMC Software, Inc. Tuning The Mid-Tier/Web Infrastructure for hi-Performance and Troubleshooting Performance Issues.
BMC Software, Inc. User Interface Design Patterns in AR System.
BMC Software, Inc. What is new in ITSM 7.6.03.
BMC Software, Inc. What’s New in AR System 7.6.03.
Idaho National Laboratory Improving Information Security Management with the use of ITSM 7.6 out of the box.
IKEA IT BMC ADDM (Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping): It is what you want it to be.
Knowlysis KCS and ITIL: Creating a Knowledge Driven Organization.
L-3 STRATIS Server Group: Beyond the Obvious.
my-eService How to Collaborate on Major Incidents inside of Remedy.
my-eService Make Support Calls Virtually Disappear with Virtual Agents.
Network Edge LLC People Change Management – the Key to Project Success.
Phase Forward Customer Case Study: Documentation and Analysis of Remedy Applications.
Rapid Technologies How to automate IT Asset Management using Kinetic Request.
Rapid Technologies How to create a safe Remedy environment for training.
Real Refined Resource Scandinavia AB Fast and robust data transfer between forms and servers.
Real Refined Resource Scandinavia AB Remedy and ITSM license optimization.
Software Tool House Inc. Data Imports using Meta-Update.
Software Tool House Inc. ITSM 6 to ITSM 7.6 Live Data Migration using Meta-Update.
SomeplacElse Adventures in Archiving – Ridin’ Herd with the Remedy Data Wrangler System.
xMatters, Inc. Learn how the xMatters (alarmpoint) engine combines with BMC Remedy ITSM7 to make IT more efficient and more reliable, connecting users with the information that matters to them at the moment it matters so they can take immediate action.

As you can see, BMC Software, Inc. has lots to share with you as do many other companies and customers. If you have been putting off registering because you weren’t sure of the content, now you know. We are excited to see the topics that have been selected (not all of them made it) but the ones here have direct relevance to all of us, including myself.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas this October!

Phil Bautista
Technical Sessions Manager


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