Remedy Admins Dream: Zero-downtime upgrades

August 15th, 2012 by VenkatM

If you are Remedy admin or developer and have ever involved in a upgrade project/process you might have thought about having a in-place install with out bringing remedy services down for hours, this is a session you should attend by Chuck Mousseau at WWRUG12.


Breakout session: “A discussion and demonstration of zero-downtime upgrades”

This presentation will include a discussion around what is required to achieve a zero downtime upgrade of a Remedy application and a demonstration of some platform features needed to allow that to happen. Zero downtime upgrade of applications will allow owners of applications to continue using an older version of an application while simultaneously upgrading and then customizing it in their production environment. Upon completing customizations they can seamlessly switch to use of the new version of the application — all without an outage of service.

More Info: WWRUG12 – Oct 15 – 19  San Jose, California


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