Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend WWRUG12

September 24th, 2012 by VenkatM


10. The Greatest Number of Breakout Sessions to date for a WWRUG event.

9.  Renewed Vigor for “Evening with Engineering” (No one leaves until all questions are addressed – including Darius and Doug – note: alcohol may be involved)

8.  Access to BMC Engineers, Product Managers, and Technical folks (at least three folks from Support are going to be there and one of them, Carin Sinclair, is going to present on how to get the most out of your support calls by leveraging logs etc.)

7.  You get to see all of our Sponsors and visit their booths to see/touch/test drive some really cool new/updated  tools/apps including the centrally located BMC booth! – Sponsors

6.  Entertainment – We are bringing back “The Brew” this year – but they will be doing two Smooth Jazz sets for us this year, plus our very own “Remedy Rockstar” band including guest appearances by some of our own “Remedy” crowd (you will just have to come to find out who!).

5.  You get to see the new tattoo we have created for this year’s conference (plus we will have some more “Remedy Rockstar” tattoos for when you are out strolling the streets at night in your Hawaiian shirt – make sure you roll up your sleeves to reveal your “ink”, Theresa…)

4.  Great food (trust me we have tried it!)

3.  Lots of nearby activities, restaurants, shopping, etc. Maps Link

2.  Great weather outside and no smoking inside (we heard you at the Hard Rock last time)!

1.  You get to see all of your ARSList and WWRUG friends!



If you haven’t registered and need to quickly, here are the links to the hotel and conference:

Hotel Reservations      Conference Reservations


Credits for the list: Phil Bautista and Doug Mueller



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