Useful Tool: Remedy Definition file – Filter Action Viewer

September 4th, 2012 by VenkatM

Action Finder

This Utility is currently developed for Filter def files only.

Ever wonder what abc.def file has in it, you might have saved the file few hours back or few days/months back but until you load it on to  admin/developer studio/migrator  you can’t be sure about it. No more you have to worry about this issue, there is a little tool written in Java by Karthick.

This is written in Java and doesn’t need to connect to you AR Server, just feed in your “.def” file. Once you load the def file with bunch of filters in it, you can search based on the actions that they are performing in the filter and also gives the count of filters.

 How to use it:

– Select the def file by clicking the Open button

– Select the type of action from the dropdown menu(Action Type)

– Press the Trigger button.

– The Filter names corresponding to the action will be shown in the list.

– Use Ctrl+C , Ctrl+V to copy paste the filter names.


Download it here


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  1. Abhijit Hendre says:

    I am unable to install this tool on Win 7 32-bit. Not able to execute installer itself. I tried running it “as administrator” & “XP compatibility mode” , but no luck.

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