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This blog will be a place to  share  experiences, ideas, views, opinions and latest news in the fields of  technology related to various service oriented applications and procedures related to ITIL, BSM, BMC AR System Remedy Tool, BMC ITSM, BMC products and various other products related to IT Services.

From time to time this blog will feature posts with Tips & Tricks, Tools & Integration techniques which are introduced recently and widely used over IT industry. We have several blogs and forums with valuable information which is dispersed on the net, we will make our best effort to gather as much information as possible and present in a simple way.

“Expert views” will be collected on current trends in the IT industry, and personal experiences they like to share with the masses. All posts in this category will be honoured with placement on home page for the first month.

I will be updating this blog whenever possible and try to keep in touch with everyone of you on all fronts.

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Venkat Maddala

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