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BMC AR System Remedy 7.6?

September 16th, 2009


No, you have got it wrong. Don’t trust everything you read on internet. But, you can trust this post :) this news has proper source from a BMC insider.

There is no release of AR System Remedy 7.6 version from BMC. The next major release of BMC AR System Remedy is in mid 2010 and it will be BMC AR System Remedy 8.0.00.

The spread of version 7.6 release news took surprised the developer community as it’s just six months back a major version change was released. Not many have yet used the latest version of 7.5.0 and we have already got several patches for it which are being tried and tested by many companies now. Few people initially feared that support for version 7.0.0 will be discontinued with this release, but don’t worry any more.

The fact is there is a release of version 7.6  ITSM Suite which included Service Desk (Incident + Problem), Change Mgt, Asset Mgt, ant etc,…. but not AR System Remedy 7.6.0

There are couple threads on the same issue in BMCDN and ARSlist, where David and Matt has cleared the fact from fiction.

Till the next major release in 2010, have fun with 7.5 ;)



Remedy 7.5 Myths and Facts

March 16th, 2009

I recently spoke with few people who said Remedy 7.5 is drastically changed and all the developersĀ  needs to find new carriers, but the fact is though the tool has changed the concept behind the work-flow haven’t changed a bit.

If you have developed applications before on any version of Remedy, you can do it on 7.5 with little adjustments to how you use the Admin tool.

I will use this blogĀ  to clear some of the myths about Remedy 7.5 and share my thoughts and experience using the new version of AR System.

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