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For all of your BMC Remedy Field ID changes use – archgid tool

October 12th, 2011

BMC Remedy ARSystem

Purpose:  The archgid program will let you change the internal ID of a form, field, VUI, or group within the AR System.  This allows the synchronization of IDs for the same form across multiple servers or the control of the ID if needed for direct SQL access.
Allows the administrator to change the ID of a Form, Field, VUI, or Group.  The ID is changed, workflow and definition references within the AR System structures are updated, and even key data values are updated.

Version 7.6.03 Build 001 201008170035 (Windows) of this utility.

The program can be run in a command line or prompt-driven mode or any combination.

Command Line Interface

archgid [-c commandCode] [-i newId] [-q] [-o] [[-s form [-f {fieldName | fieldId}]] | [-s form [-v {VUIName | VUIId}]] | [-g {groupName | groupId} [-y]]] [-u user] [-p [password]] [-a authString] [-x server] [-t tcpPort]

It is important that any client program be exited and restarted to insure that the new definitions are used and that there are not remaining, in memory, cached definitions that are in use that may be referencing the older IDs.

This is an updated version of the one in  It is simply a zipped version of the executable found in the unsupported folder of a 7.6.03 ARS server installation with the required .dll files included.

Find the archgid.txt in the folder for detailed explanation of the functionality of the tool. Download it from here

1st Anniversary:

September 1st, 2010

Hi Everyone,

It has been a year that I have started posting on the blog – Remedies For Remedy and there are amazingly 150+ posts and 250+ user comments. This is an amazing thing for new blog with limited scope for writing and exploring. There are several things that I have learned over the past year researching and reading new topics for this blog and got in touch with many new SME’s who have vast experience in this field. One of the highlight’s of the whole year is an online chat interview with Doug Mueller, Co-Founder and Architect of Remedy. (Read the post here), it was insightful and entertaining at the same time.

Many posts covered news and happenings of Remedy world, like new software releases and conference details. Events like WWRUG09 a extensively covered for all the people who were unable to impress their manager’s for a week’s break in Las Vegas (Read all the posts related to WWRUG09 here). There are many posts that have informed remedy users all over the world about virtual conferences that were held by BMC and remedy related companies. A series of posts covered a category called Remedy 101 which touched the basics of Remedy and I wish to write more an more posts in this category next year. (Check out the category Remedy 101 here). Also check out the time line graph for the Remedy releases here.

I would like to talk a little about the worldwide reach of this blog, with 150+ posts it attracted 10,000+ unique visitors and generated more than 80,000 page views from 136 countries around the world, for new blog with out any reputation and limited content, I would say its a lot :) Each day, week and month, the user reach is increasing and the return rate of the users has been tremendous . I have planned for a better year a ahead and hoping to post an extensive list of posts related to Remedy 7.6.03 including all the new and improved features. I have received many requests from users for posts related to ITSM and  I happy to say there will be a new series of posts to cover all the modules in the near future.

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or any feedback, please do reach me to make this place better. I am also looking for guest writers who can share their experiences and knowledge and you are always welcome here.

Spread the word, Stay tuned, and Stay informed….


Venkat Maddala

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