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News: BMC Acquires Abydos

May 9th, 2012

BMC Acquires Abydos

BMC Remedy ARSystem


Now you can deploy and manage BMC Remedy applications with drag-and-drop ease

With the acquisition of Abydos, BMC Remedy IT Service Management – Process Designer is now an integrated component of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, dramatically improving customers’ user experience.

BMC Remedy IT Service Management – Process Designer is the fastest and most efficient way to create and manage workflow in BMC Remedy. With drag-and-drop ease, the graphical-process-design tool lets non-technical users build and deploy new IT requests and processes without worrying about customization.

Key features

  • Simple integration with BMC Remedy ITSM applications
  • Ability to create and manage processes with drag-and-drop ease
  • Support for rapid creation and maintenance of service request management processes for Q&A, data-capture, and fulfillment — without the need for PDTs, AOTs, or advanced interface forms
  • Enforcement of process logic within applications without any development or customization
  • Support for complex multi-step approvals within service request management and change processes
  • Ability to export and import service request management and ITSM configuration between servers
  • Enhanced support for multi-tenancy applications

Business benefits

  • Processes that fit the business: implement processes that match the business’ need perfectly without customizing BMC Remedy applications.
  • Business users get what they want: Help employees understand and review the process in graphical form exactly as it is implemented.
  • Fast deployment at lower cost: Use a simple graphical interface to implement workflow without customizing BMC Remedy applications.
  • Reduced support and upgrade costs: Spend less time and effort supporting BMC Remedy applications, as there is no additional development or customizations.
  • Streamlined processes: Automate processes in BMC Remedy.
  • Simplified user interface: Quickly build decision trees to provide a simplified user interface.
  • Automated version control: Automatically version-stamp processes for easy roll-back and usage reporting.


Webinar: Graphical analysis, development and documentation of Remedy applications

February 17th, 2011
Webinar: Graphical analysis, development and documentation of Remedy applications.

Abydos are pleased to announce that we will be holding a webinar on the latest release of the Abydos Analyser software version 5.2. This tool is used extensively by the BMC Remedy community to accelerate the analysis, development, troubleshooting, documentation and migration of Remedy workflow. Tuesday Feb 22nd at 12:00pm EST, (11:00am Central, 9:00am Pacific, 5:00pm UK, 6:00pm CET).

Register Here

If you cannot attend this webinar but would like to register for the next one or to schedule a private demonstration, please  click here.

Webinar Agenda Abydos are pleased to annouce the release of Abydos Analyser 5.2. This new release includes a complete overhaul of the event diagram so that you can now define starting conditions to filter the output, traverse related events that are triggered from the first and generate detailed documentation, thus further reducing the time to find the root cause of workflow issues.

Using a tool like Abydos Analyser really helps to keep control of multiple Remedy environments by providing a robust analysis, documentation, comparison and migration capability without having to resort to manual searches.

This frees up the administrator to concentrate on the design, security and control of the application, enabling them to provide a better service to their customers.

Feedback from our customer base indicates that on average Remedy Administrators can expect to save around 60% on the time that it would normally take them to complete the same activity using the native Remedy toolset.

For more information, visit the Abydos Analyser product page

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