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Demo: BMC Mobility for IT Service Management

July 19th, 2011

Gain business advantage with mobile incident, problem, change, asset, and self-service apps

Use smartphones and tablets to manage trouble tickets, asset records, service requests, and changes from anywhere, at any time

With BMC Mobility for IT Service Management, you will:

  • Manage incidents, problems, asset records, and change requests with mobile apps
  • Offload calls to your help desk or service desk
  • Escalate issues and respond to assigned incidents anywhere, anytime
  • Enter assets the minute they arrive; notify staff when ready to deploy; and track when released
  • Enable business users to select, submit, update, and track service requests
  • Receive change requests; view by priority, location, and business impact; then respond from the road
  • Select, submit, review, approve, amend, or cancel service requests — even while away from the office
  • Access real-time snapshots of key performance indicators for IT service support

AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4

June 16th, 2011
Credits: Uploaded by Apajee on BMCDN

Current Version:

7.6.4 RTM (candidate) -

     (Date: 01/18/2011)

-  7.6.4 version 

- ExpandMenu API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters maxRetrive and numMatches.

- MergeEntry API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters qualification and multimatchoption.

- CreateOverlay and CreateOverlayFromObject are the two new API's introduced for the Overlay feature.

- Fixed an issue that caused Get Active Link call throwing out of bound exception with Service call action without input mapping.

- SetGetEntry is the new API introduced for updating an entry in a form and getting the entry with values for given fields in a single call.
- Fixed an issue that caused the SetActiveLink API not able to save the RunIf condition.  

Previous drops:
     (Date: 04/22/2009)
-  7.5 version 
-  fixed an issue related to ExportData when more than 100 entries are to be exported.



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