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For all of your BMC Remedy Field ID changes use – archgid tool

October 12th, 2011

BMC Remedy ARSystem

Purpose:  The archgid program will let you change the internal ID of a form, field, VUI, or group within the AR System.  This allows the synchronization of IDs for the same form across multiple servers or the control of the ID if needed for direct SQL access.
Allows the administrator to change the ID of a Form, Field, VUI, or Group.  The ID is changed, workflow and definition references within the AR System structures are updated, and even key data values are updated.

Version 7.6.03 Build 001 201008170035 (Windows) of this utility.

The program can be run in a command line or prompt-driven mode or any combination.

Command Line Interface

archgid [-c commandCode] [-i newId] [-q] [-o] [[-s form [-f {fieldName | fieldId}]] | [-s form [-v {VUIName | VUIId}]] | [-g {groupName | groupId} [-y]]] [-u user] [-p [password]] [-a authString] [-x server] [-t tcpPort]

It is important that any client program be exited and restarted to insure that the new definitions are used and that there are not remaining, in memory, cached definitions that are in use that may be referencing the older IDs.

This is an updated version of the one in  It is simply a zipped version of the executable found in the unsupported folder of a 7.6.03 ARS server installation with the required .dll files included.

Find the archgid.txt in the folder for detailed explanation of the functionality of the tool. Download it from here

AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4

June 16th, 2011
Credits: Uploaded by Apajee on BMCDN

Current Version:

7.6.4 RTM (candidate) -

     (Date: 01/18/2011)

-  7.6.4 version 

- ExpandMenu API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters maxRetrive and numMatches.

- MergeEntry API has a new overloaded version introducing two new parameters qualification and multimatchoption.

- CreateOverlay and CreateOverlayFromObject are the two new API's introduced for the Overlay feature.

- Fixed an issue that caused Get Active Link call throwing out of bound exception with Service call action without input mapping.

- SetGetEntry is the new API introduced for updating an entry in a form and getting the entry with values for given fields in a single call.
- Fixed an issue that caused the SetActiveLink API not able to save the RunIf condition.  

Previous drops:
     (Date: 04/22/2009)
-  7.5 version 
-  fixed an issue related to ExportData when more than 100 entries are to be exported.



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