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News: ARSmarts 2.8.0 version released

May 15th, 2012

Kaïs has just announced that a new version of ARSmarts 2.8.0 released on BMCDN.

“This new version of ARSmarts fully supports the Overlay feature.  You can now Search, Browse, export, … through Overlay objects, Base objects or both, compare Overlay objects with their Overlaid, ….”

Register on “ for access to evaluation version

ARSmarts 2.6 beta program pre-announcement

September 10th, 2010

As Posted on ARSLists

Hello List,

In the coming days, we will launch a beta program for the version 2.6 of
ARSmarts.  This program will be announced on the ARSList, but if you
don’t want to miss the announcement (and are not registered with us
already), I would encourage you to register on our website here: .

Amongst the new functionalities of this version, ARSmarts 2.6 is now
supporting the Views and the Fields Display Properties, together with
improved performances….

Best regards.


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