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Announcement: ARInside 3.0.1 released

September 15th, 2010

ARInside: Remedy Documentation Generator

ARInside generates a static set of HTML files that provide a means for navigating Remedy workflow.

As posted on ARSList

Hello List,

I’m pleased to announce the release of ARInside 3.0.1. You can find the latest downloads and documentation at
Please post bug-reports or feature-requests at

Here is a short list of changes since last version:

All command line options except ini (-i) are now optional (all settings are configurable within the ini file)
New command line option “-o” to specify the output directory
All objects are now loaded with the ARGetMultiple-functions to improve performance
Internal object and memory usage optimized
You can now blacklist images
Now the filename/URL of the pages is generated by the object name instead of a consecutive number
(you can use the OldNaming setting to enabled the old file naming)
Added linux & SunOS platform support
Program stops if TargetFolder points to the root directory [#64]

Fixed Defects:
No attachment fields were listed for attachment pool [#82]
Server informations were displayed incorrectly (wrong value for wrong server info)
Rare crash while decoding qualifier fixed [#78]
fixed: Loading of groups using server version 6.3
fixed: crashing during “Checking filter references” using server version 6.3
fixed: crash while documenting schema details using server version 6.3 (was caused by audit documentation)
fixed: objects with leading space(s) weren’t listed currectly (crashed in some cases)


ARSmarts 2.6 beta program pre-announcement

September 10th, 2010

As Posted on ARSLists

Hello List,

In the coming days, we will launch a beta program for the version 2.6 of
ARSmarts.  This program will be announced on the ARSList, but if you
don’t want to miss the announcement (and are not registered with us
already), I would encourage you to register on our website here: .

Amongst the new functionalities of this version, ARSmarts 2.6 is now
supporting the Views and the Fields Display Properties, together with
improved performances….

Best regards.


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