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BMC – VIEWPOINT, Focus On: Managing The Hybrid Data Center

May 19th, 2010

Book Spotlights Management Tips For Virtual, Cloud, And Hybrid Data Centers

It’s hard to find valuable information on managing the dynamic data center, let alone an entire book on it. We’ve compiled a wealth of insightful articles – from leaders at Forrester, Cisco, Enterprise Management Associates, NetApp, and others – into a single, thought-provoking volume. Request your complimentary copy today.

Featured articles include:

  • “Building a Foundation for IT Operations: Nine Best Practices for Successful Virtualization Management and Cloud Computing” by Daniel L. Allen, Cisco Systems
  • “Today’s Data Center: Proactive, Dynamic, and Efficient” by J.P. Garbani, Forrester
  • “Enhancing Service Availability with Configuration Automation” by Dennis Drogseth, Enterprise Management Associates

Read it and know whats happening in the data center world…

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