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Abydos Designer 8.2 Released

February 15th, 2011


Abydos Designer 8.2 released.

Abydos Designer 8.2 Released for BMC Remedy applications.

Abydos are pleased to announce the general release of Abydos Designer 8.2, winner of the product of the year award WWRUG 2010. This new release provides some powerful new features including:

  • New approval action: can be used with SRM 2.2, 7.6 or ITSM 7.6 Change Management applications. The approval action can be used to support complex approval processes and utilises the Remedy Approval Engine for execution.
  • Enhanced Data Retrieval: allows selection of data from anywhere in Remedy using a standard qualification. Can be used for process routing decisions, updating other records in Remedy or as part of other actions such as email notifications or approval actions (see above).

Why Abydos Designer ?

Abydos Designer is the only process modelling tool designed specifically for BMC Remedy applications. Use the Standalone version for requirements gathering, process workshops or to customise best-practice process models for IT Service Management without the need for a Remedy server but with full access to Remedy form structures and field references.


Once design is complete, simply export and (provided you have purchased the full version of Abydos Designer), import onto one of your Remedy servers to allow the processes to be implemented in real time without the need for any complex development, templates or customisation.

Use with ITSM 7 Incident, Problem, Change, SRM or custom Remedy applications. All process integration is completely data-driven so no need for any changes to workflow rules or application settings.

Key Benefits

  • End-end graphical process design
  • Accelerate deployment of ITSM/SRM 7.6 applications.
  • Reduce or eliminate development/customisation effort.
  • Keep your ITSM applications out of the box
  • Simplified access to ITSM/SRM for end-users through Abydos process wizard

Download Free Software

To download your free copy of Abydos Designer Standalone, simply go to the Abydos website at , login (or register), then click on Abydos Designer on the Downloads menu.

After downloading, run the setup file to install the software, then launch the product and click on the Apply for Licence button to request your free licence key.

Abydos Products

Abydos Designer provides the environment that allows non-technical users to create and maintain processes that are used to drive and enforce workflow rules within BMC applications. This means that you can keep your applications out-of-the-box while enabling customisation to be defined through process definitions.
Abydos Analyser is the most effective way to analyse, edit, document and graphically present workflow rules within BMC Remedy applications. Abydos Analyser can be used with any BMC Remedy application, including ITSM 7, SRM and any custom built applications. It uses a familiar Visio-based graphical interface allowing developers to view workflow graphically without having to search through lists of workflow objects.

**Requires registration. Free licence provided for six months. Does not include the Remedy Implementation component which is part of the full Abydos Designer product.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact Abydos at
USA (Toll-Free): 866 635 4358,
Europe: +44 (0)1582 400127,

Webinar: Implementing Process Automation for BMC Remedy Applications

February 18th, 2010


Webinar: Implementing Process Automation for
BMC Remedy Applications

Tuesday 23rd February 12:00-12:45pm EST.

Register Now

In just 45 minutes, learn how you can build and automate graphical processes in Remedy using Abydos Designer.

Abydos are pleased to annouce that we will be holding a webinar on Abydos Designer, the Remedy Graphical Process Design Tool for BMC Remedy applications on Tuesday 23rd February at 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Abydos Designer is a tool for process designers that provides a graphical interface to build processes that can be executed on Remedy without the need to develop new applications or customise existing applications or templates. Abydos Designer is particularly beneficial for systems that require multiple different processes and tasks depending on the type of request such as Change Management, Service Request Management and Incident/Problem Management.

The benefits of using Abydos Designer with BMC Remedy are:

Processes that fit the business – Abydos Designer allows you to implement processes that fit the business exactly without having to customise existing bespoke or out of the box applications. Business users get what they want – Business users know what they are getting as they are able to understand and review the process in graphical form exactly as it is implemented. Fast Deployment at lower Cost – Process designers use a simple graphical interface to implement processes without needing to customise Remedy. Reduced Support and Upgrade Costs – Remedy Administrators have reduced time and effort in supporting the Remedy applications as there is no additional development or customisation. Significant effort is also saved in upgrading as Remedy applications are not customised. Streamlined processes – Abydos Designer allows the automation of processes through the implementation of automated actions removing the necessity of manual intervention where possible.Adherence to management, compliance and audit requirements – Not only is the process diagram a self documenting description of the process as implemented but also the Abydos Request Tracker provides a diagrammatic view of the current status and historical flow of every transaction through the process. Simplified User Interface – Abydos Designer enables decision trees to be built quickly to provide a simplified user interface for data required to support processes. This ensures user productivity and consistent quality data Automated Version Control – Abydos Designer includes automated generation of version-stamped processes so that you can easily roll-back to or report on usage of previous versions without the need to get into any workflow development.If you feel you could benefit from any of the features listed above, perhaps Abydos Designer could help you as it has helped our other customers.

Webinar Information

To join us for the live webinar on Tuesday 23rd Feb at 12:00 Eastern, click on this link to register: Abydos Designer Webinar

Received this mail today from Abydos about the webinar, interested people do register to know about the new product and its capabilities.

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