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Real time Log File Viewer for BMC Remedy Admins – BareTail

August 20th, 2012

Real time Log File Viewer for BMC Remedy Admins – BareTail

This is very light weight tool for viewing log files in real time, all we need to do is open the log file in BareTail and if the log file is updated, we will be able to see it in the BareTail viewer, it also has this wonderful highlight feature, that catches a phrase and highlights the row with the color we configured for the phrase, be careful the phrase is case sensitive. The tool is available on windows only.baretail

Here I have added Active Link log file and created a highlight for “Passed qualification” and assigned yellow color to it, so I can just go to the only passed and fired active links in the log, we can create multiple highlights and skip “Find/F3” . This tool is really helpful if you run log continuously during development or testing.

More Info & Download: BareTail

Introduction to BMC Remedy Developer Studio

August 13th, 2012

Developer Studio was initially introduced with Remedy 7.5.0 version as a replacement to Admin tool for all the development work.


Quick Reference guide to Developer Studio

DevStudio-750 – Qucik Reference guide

GDE Error: Unable to load profile settings


This video will provide the basic details you need to know before starting to use new eclipse based IDE – Remedy Developer Studio.

Video Credits: RemedyJedi

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