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Issue: BMC Remedy ARSystem Close Window actions malfunction when mid tier 7.x is used with IE 8

August 20th, 2010

BMC Software is alerting users to a problem in version 7.x of the BMC Remedy Mid Tier product. This technical bulletin describes a fix to prevent the problem from occurring. If you have questions about the problem, contact BMC Software Customer Support at 800 537 1813 (United States or Canada) or call your local support center.

When BMC Remedy Mid Tier 7.x is used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8), Close Window actions in active links do not work in the mid tier. This problem is caused by a known IE 8 defect (Microsoft case number 109092371502252). To fix this problem, install the Microsoft cumulative security update for Internet Explorer discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-018 (see

For information about the history.length property issue that caused the Close Window problem, see To verify whether the update is already installed on your computer, check the Add or Remove Programs list in your Control Panel. (This update fixes a DLL, so it does not change the version numbers in the Help > About Internet Explorer window.)

To fix the problem without applying the cumulative update. If you do not apply the cumulative update, use the following workaround to avoid
the problem:
1 In Internet Explorer 8, choose Tools > Internet Options.
2 On the Advanced tab, clear the Enable Automatic Crash Recovery check box.
3 Restart Internet Explorer 8.
For information about Automatic Crash Recovery and the effects of disabling it, see

How to write workflow to auto generate Message Numbers

May 21st, 2010

As posted on BMCDN by Adam


This is quick guide on how to write workflow which auto generates message numbers for the message action in Active Links and Filters.

The advantage is that if a message pops up, it very easy to track it back to the workflow item that triggered it. Also makes writing documentation easier

The Process:

(I keep all this workflow in the development environment, and don’t move it to live)

1. Create view forms of database tables

  • actlink
  • actlink_message
  • filter
  • filter_message

2. Create a new form that will store

  • Message Text
  • Message Number
  • Active Link ID
  • Filter ID
  • Active Link Name
  • Filter Name
  • New Message Number

3. Create Escalations on actlink_message and filter_message to populate new form (I run every 1 hour)

4. Workfow to get the active link name from activelink and from filter tables

5. Workflow to auto generate a new message number

(I used for active links – Request ID + 10,000

For filters – Request ID + 20,000)

6. Push fields back to filter_message and actlink_message if the old message number was 10,000, updating the message number with the new value)

7. When I create new workflow that has a message, I leave the number at 10,000 (default value) and let the escalation auto assign a number.

(developed on ARS 7.1)


All credits to Adam Buteux

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