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Create Incident ticket in BMC Remedy via Java API

December 14th, 2009

/* This creates an entry in the form HPD:Help Desk, returns the Entry ID (not Incident Number) to the command line */

import com.bmc.arsys.api.*;

public class CreateEntry {

public static void main(String[] args) {

//Initialize a new ARServerUser object, this is the main object we are using for all actions

// for e.g. user=Demo, password=pwd, server=remedy, port=7100

ARServerUser context = new ARServerUser(“Demo”, “pwd”, “”, “”,”remedy”,7100);

//A new entry we want to submit into remedy

Entry newEntry = new Entry();

//put the field values in there. (Integer fieldID, Value of field)

newEntry.put(7, new Value(0)); // Status
newEntry.put(8, new Value(“This record is created via Java API”)); // Short Description
newEntry.put(1000000163, new Value(4000)); // Impact – (High) 1000/2000/3000/4000 (Low)
newEntry.put(1000000162, new Value(4000)); // Urgency – (High) 1000/2000/3000/4000 (Low)
newEntry.put(1000000000, new Value(“xyz”)); // Description
newEntry.put(1000000151, new Value(“xyz”)); // Details
newEntry.put(1000000099, new Value(0)); // Service Type – 0/1/2/3
newEntry.put(240001002, new Value(“xyz”)); // Product Name
newEntry.put(200000003, new Value(“xyz”)); // Product Cat Tier 1
newEntry.put(240001002, new Value(“xyz”)); // Product Cat Tier 2
newEntry.put(200000005, new Value(“xyz”)); // Product Cat Tier 3
newEntry.put(1000000063, new Value(“xyz”)); // Operational Cat Tier 1
newEntry.put(1000000064, new Value(“xyz”)); // Operational Cat Tier 2
newEntry.put(1000000217, new Value(“xyz”)); // Assigned Group
newEntry.put(1000000054, new Value(“xyz”)); // Corporate ID
newEntry.put(2, new Value(“Demo”));


//And here we create the entry itself, printing out the EntryID we get back

String EntryId = context.createEntry(“HPD:Help Desk”, newEntry);

System.out.println(“Request ID = “+EntryId);


catch(ARException arException){





Thanks to Jason, who originally posted this on

Note: Check the code and do necessary changes where needed. This code itself creates a incident in Remedy 7.1+ versions with required fields filled. This doesn’t get the Incident ID from the ticket created instead gets the Entry ID from the HPD:Incident Management schema.

BMC Video: How DELL reduced costs and increased perfomance

October 1st, 2009

Here is the video posted on the BMCtv which features Joshua David, IT Manager from DELL explaining how they managed to reduce the costs and response time and increased the performance.

Watch it here….

“The Dell IT group is constantly searching for ways to reduce IT costs and to get personnel focused on more innovative projects. Learn how the group deployed a collection of BMC software products on Dell servers to improve capacity planning and reduce trouble tickets.”

Source: BMCtv

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