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ARSocial, a Java Plugin for Twitter – BMC Remedy AR System integration

March 29th, 2010

Credits – Sebastiaan de Mann

Twitter – @sebas

ARSocial is a Twitter – BMC Remedy AR System integration that allows you to publish tweets, replies, direct messages as well as have an overview of your friends timeline, a search option and mentions. Because it is based on the AR System it can be fully integrated into the ITSM Suite as well as custom built applications. The plugin and application are open source and released on with a BSD style license. Please be aware this is only a ‘preview’ release and is not quite ready for production use.

Here are some pics of the wonderful app

Detailed information in author’s words:


The ARSocial application consists of several parts:

  • ARDBC Plugin for listing tweets, mentions, direct messages and search

The ARDBC Plugin treats the twitter feeds (friends, direct messages, search) as a database source. Because of the speed of the Twitter API we can do fast searches and show all relevant information, mentions and direct messages. It also allows for the creation of tweets, replies and direct messages.

  • ARSocial Console form, for an overview of all twitter related items

This will be the main form for the users of the application. It is meant to keep an overview of all tweets that are sent by friends, mentions of the twitter account and searches (for example tweets that mention your company name)

  • Vendor and Regular forms

Vendor Forms are built from the ARDBC Data sources to show the information in the Tables of the console. Regular forms are used to store sent Tweets and Direct Messages.

All items and source code can be found in the download package.

What you will need

  • BMC Remedy AR System 7.5 server
  • Midter 7.5
  • Remedy Developer know-how
  • Plugin Server know-how
  • Java know-how
  • A twitter account
  • An AR Server that you can break without getting people angry at you (really, I’m serious)

You can download a ‘developer preview’ of the application here: arsocialpreview

at the moment there’s only standard twitter client functionality implemented, and there is no direct integration into the ITSM Suite, however because of the architecture including Vendor Forms it is quite easy to integrate into any itsm and custom built applications. Over the next few weeks I will expand the plugin and the application.

For now please be aware there are several open issues, including ordering of tweets in the table fields and missing functionality in the stand-alone application.

Please provide feedback on BMCDN communities, contact Sebas on twitter or send an email.

Beta release of ARSmarts Grapher

February 15th, 2010

Announcing the ‘ARSmarts Grapher’ public beta testing program

The ARSmarts Grapher module allows you to quickly generate a graphical representation of all relationships or data flow between the Forms of your AR System application.
The ‘Grapher’ module is completely integrated with the other popular ARSmarts functionalities. Using ARSmarts Navigator, open the objects of the Graph to check the details and further navigate your AR System workflow. Generate documentation for all the objects included in the Graph using ARSmarts Documenter.

The layout of the Graphs generated by ARSmarts can be entirely customized by moving the Forms to different locations, modifying the field orders, … You can also hide some Forms or Links so that the Graph focuses only on what you want to show.
Graphs can be printed from ARSmarts, or saved as images to be included in your regular documentation.

Register here to participate to the Beta Program (with Register being the Register button).

Screen Shot:

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