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ARSPerl – Perl Integration Kit for BMC ARSystem Remedy

August 7th, 2009

ARSPerl for Remedy

ARSPerl for Remedy

ARSperl is an integration kit for Perl5 and Remedy ARS version 5 – version 7 API. It provides a large subset of the functionality found in the ARS C API. The source code to the integration kit and example scripts is made available under the licensing terms of Perl itself.

Version: The current release is version 1.91 and has support for the AR 5.0 through 7.1 API. (support for 7.5 unknown)

The perl extension has been tested on the following OS’s:

  • Solaris 2.x
  • SunOS 4.x
  • Irix
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • Windows NT
  • NCR Unix

An online guide is available to help use the functions that this kit adds to the standard perl distribution.





Kinetic Link – For your Data and Reporting needs.

August 5th, 2009

Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data

Have you tried getting some information or data out of AR Schema for reporting or other purpose? It may be easy and tough sometimes, here is a open-source free tool that you can try with out any risk.


Kinetic Link is an open-source web framework that allows almost any language to interact with your BMC Remedy AR system.  Through Klink you can create records, view data, and update or delete information.  The framework provides a consistent XML over HTTP interface utilizing Java Servlets and Apache Struts.

Limitations: Works fine with Tomcat-Appache combination but have some known issuses with IIS, and other webservers. Please read the release notes and related docs before trying it.

Download this FREE open source application here.

You can also view the ReadmeLicenseInstallation Guide, or User Guide.

While you are there check out other products offered by Kinetic, like Custom Requester module, Integration suite, and few more.



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