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Not able to connect with database to install AR Server?

August 24th, 2010

Read the possible causes carefully, it clearly says “Refer to Installation Document” before you attempt”.

One big mistake what everyone tends to do is start doing things when they have to read/research first. For any successful remedy installation, we need to tune the system and database first. All these details are readily available in BMC documentation, don’t get scared of by seeing the number of pdf pages, instead skim through the parts which you don’t need to know. Like, if your OS is Windows, you don’t have to read everything about LINUX/UNIX.

Regarding the error, it is based on database and connectivity to the database. Connectivity to the database is essential for remedy server as all the actions that are performed are ultimately end up in it. First thing you need to do here is, try connecting to database using a client software, based up on the database you are using, use the clients like Toad, WINSQL, SQL Management tool or any other preferred. If you are able to connect to the database, then go to the database setting to open the TCP/IP port.

Error “TCP/IP connection to the host XYZ using port number 1433 failed.” is caused with SQL database because the TCP/IP settings are disabled.

Follow these steps to fix this issue:

Set your SQL Server connections to allow TCP/IP:

  • Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  • Click Network Configuration for your SQL Server instance.
  • Make sure that TCP/IP Protocol is enabled.
  • View the TCP/IP Properties dialog box for your database instance, and make sure that the IP Addresses tab has a TCP Port number specified. (The default port is 1433.)
  • Restart all SQL Server services to effect this change.

Just back a step on the remedy installer and click Next, it will detect the database instance, if not you can always manually.

If you still need help configuring TCP/IP ports, look here

Issue: BMC Remedy ARSystem Close Window actions malfunction when mid tier 7.x is used with IE 8

August 20th, 2010

BMC Software is alerting users to a problem in version 7.x of the BMC Remedy Mid Tier product. This technical bulletin describes a fix to prevent the problem from occurring. If you have questions about the problem, contact BMC Software Customer Support at 800 537 1813 (United States or Canada) or call your local support center.

When BMC Remedy Mid Tier 7.x is used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8), Close Window actions in active links do not work in the mid tier. This problem is caused by a known IE 8 defect (Microsoft case number 109092371502252). To fix this problem, install the Microsoft cumulative security update for Internet Explorer discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-018 (see

For information about the history.length property issue that caused the Close Window problem, see To verify whether the update is already installed on your computer, check the Add or Remove Programs list in your Control Panel. (This update fixes a DLL, so it does not change the version numbers in the Help > About Internet Explorer window.)

To fix the problem without applying the cumulative update. If you do not apply the cumulative update, use the following workaround to avoid
the problem:
1 In Internet Explorer 8, choose Tools > Internet Options.
2 On the Advanced tab, clear the Enable Automatic Crash Recovery check box.
3 Restart Internet Explorer 8.
For information about Automatic Crash Recovery and the effects of disabling it, see

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