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Timeline(History) of BMC Action Request System Remedy

October 12th, 2009
original Remedy Corp  logo

Original Remedy Corp logo

Remedy Logo after BMC took over

BMC Remedy Logo


I have seen many people asking about release dates of a particular version and whats so new in it and most of the time we will be able to answer those questions easily, but very few people know what really happened with ARSystem in the early days, how it started and how it evolved in to what it is today.

For all the people that wonder how it started and where it started, the answer is- No, it haven’t started in a basement or garage and its not a pet project either (Not sure how Doug will react to this). Remedy Corp was incorporated on November 20, 1990 in Delware. Larry Garlick Founder & CEO of the company and well-known Doug Muller is the Chief Architect behind our beloved Remedy platform.

The first version is released somewhere in 1992 and version 2.0 in 1993 before it was sold to Peregrine Inc in 2001. Peregrine continued the good work started by Remedy Corp and released 3.0 in 1996 and version 4.0 in 1999 and version 5.0 in 2001. There is only one release under Peregrine which is 4.5.2 a maintenance release and no major releases.

The major switch change came in 2002, when BMC bought Remedy assets from Peregrine Inc for an astonishing $355 million and operational liabilities. “The combination of Remedy’s industry-leading service management and problem resolution capabilities, paired with BMC Software’s performance and availability management solutions will provide customers with powerful, integrated service management solutions,” said Bob Beauchamp, president and CEO, BMC Software. “Remedy’s products will extend BMC’s core market-leading data and systems management solutions to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated business service management solutions.”

From then BMC has released popular versions 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1 and latest 7.5.0 in Jan 2009. BMC has developed great products and solutions based up on Remedy platform, the latest ITSM suite is the best example of how robust and complex :) applications can be developed with Remedy. Some even say BMC is the est thing ever happened to ARS and BMC is the only reason why still Remedy is around.

Please refresh your browser if timeline doesn’t show up, if it still doesn’t work click the pop-out and it opens up in new tab. (Used Google docs for this and this is a known issue with this gadget)


The timeline of Action Request System, drag the time line right/left to see the various versions of Remedy and when they are released and what new feature with that specific version.

More details need to added, I working on gathering more info regarding this, if you have some info that i can add to the timeline, please do contact me or just post a comment below.

Thanks to David J. Easter, Matt Laurenceau, BMCDN and ARSlist for providing much of the info and of course Google :)

Thread on ARSlist that helped a lot… History of AR Sytem

Note: Some of the earlier release dates of ARS are approximate and will be changed once the original dates are know and feature list will be added to all the versions very soon. Also working on gathering info on ITSM and related BSM products time line, any help regarding this will be much appreciated.

Feel free to contribute to the timeline project by sending info or any screen shots of earlier versions.



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