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Beta release of ARSmarts Grapher

February 15th, 2010

Announcing the ‘ARSmarts Grapher’ public beta testing program

The ARSmarts Grapher module allows you to quickly generate a graphical representation of all relationships or data flow between the Forms of your AR System application.
The ‘Grapher’ module is completely integrated with the other popular ARSmarts functionalities. Using ARSmarts Navigator, open the objects of the Graph to check the details and further navigate your AR System workflow. Generate documentation for all the objects included in the Graph using ARSmarts Documenter.

The layout of the Graphs generated by ARSmarts can be entirely customized by moving the Forms to different locations, modifying the field orders, … You can also hide some Forms or Links so that the Graph focuses only on what you want to show.
Graphs can be printed from ARSmarts, or saved as images to be included in your regular documentation.

Register here to participate to the Beta Program (with Register being the Register button).

Screen Shot:

ARSmarts 2.1 release for BMC AR System Remedy

October 8th, 2009

Just received this information in mail about product upgrade of ARSmarts 2.1

Dear Venkat,

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of ARSmarts.

The main new functionalities in ARSmarts 2.1 are:

Export definitions in batch: using the new “batch mode” of ARSmarts 2.1, you can create .def files from any number of ARS servers in one single operation.  You also have the possibility to use the “batch mode” from the command line.  Typically the kind of task that can be run at night.

Export Search, Compare and Browser results: run a Compare operation, or a Search, then export the resulting list to a .def file.

Save/reload ARSmarts Search parameters: save the parameters of the Searches that you often use, and run these Searches in one click.

Search Fields XRef: run a Search within the workflow objects XReferencing selected fields.  This functionality can be used to make an ARS application “Submitter Mode: Locked compatible”,  to  find the workflow that puts a Field (say Status) to a given value, even if there are multi-level joins on the Form, ….

Want to know more?  Register here to get your evaluation copy of ARSmarts 2.1.

Haven’t tried it yet, will give it a shot this weekend..

Stay tuned for the updates…



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