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Updated: Remedy Restore Tool Version 1.9.0

August 2nd, 2012

Remedy Restore tool is updated by its  creator Carl Wilson on BMCDN recently, go grab the new updated version from here

Remedy Restore Tool

MPS Remedy Restore Tool Version 1.9

> AIE/EIE entries would be updated with the Server Group name instead of the AR Server name – which was incorrect

Remedy Restore Tool Version 1.0

March 24th, 2010

For all the folks who are looking for a smooth transition from moving your AR Database from one server to another, or for some who wants to take dump from production and place it in development or even for some who just want to change the name on the AR server, here is the little tool developed by Carl Wilson

What it does?

It simply updates the server name in all the places that are needed.

Here is the detailed explanation:

This tool will update the forms and server settings with the server name entered. This can be used when restoring a Production DB to another environment, such as Pre-Production, where the server information needs to be updated to correctly reflect the current system.
The Tool performs the following

> Stops the Email Engine Service in Windows
> Disables Email Boxes in Remedy form “AR System Email Configuration”
> Updates the following Server Information:
– Default Web Path
– Server Name
– Server Alias
> Updates Report form entries with new Server Name
> Updates HelpFile URL pointers in “SHARE:Application_Properties” form
> Updates SRM settings, if SRM installed, to point to correct web path
> Updates Server Group information.
– Server Group Name
– Server Group Member
– Disable Admin Functions, where selected

This uses the .NET ARAPI7.1 and requires a minimum of V2.x of the Microsoft .NET framework to be installed.
This can be run remotely to the machine if the server name can be reached over a network, although the Email Service may not be stopped due to privileges.

Just unzip the files to a folder and run the application. Enter in the Required information and hit “Proceed”

Download it!!!

If you like the tool or faced any issues with it, please do report to Carl.

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