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AR System File Locations

February 5th, 2010

This list consist of the various files needed by and created by the AR System User Tool and Notification Tool.

The directory where the AR System executables are installed is referred to in this section as <ar_install_dir>

The directory specified to hold the user’s configuration information is referred to here as <ar_config_dir>

AR System User Tool Files

User Tool Executable <ar_install_dir>\aruser.exe
User Tool Control DLLs <ar_install_dir>\miscdll.dll
Macros <ar_config_dir>\arcmds\<macro_name>.arq
User Defaults <ar_config_dir>\<schema_name>.ard
User Views <ar_config_dir>\<schema_name>.arv
Schema Definitions <ar_config_dir>\<schema_name>.arf
Configuration File <ar_config_dir>\ar.ini
AR Servers <ar_config_dir>\ar
Custom Report Design <ar_config_dir>\arcmds\<report_name>.arr
Custom Report Printer
Default Printer Setup <ar_config_dir>\prsetup.arp
Windows User Tool
HTML Documentation
Motif User Tool
HTML Documentation
Help Information <ar_install_dir>\arindex.hlp
DDE File <ar_config_dir>\dde.ini

Notification Tool Files

Notification Tool Executable <ar_install_dir>\notifier.exe
Configuration File <ar_config_dir>\ar.ini
Notify Servers <ar_config_dir>\ar
Notification Tool Message
Help Information <ar_install_dir>\ntindex.hlp

Source: Virginia University Site

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