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Free Remedy Dairy field Editor from Software Tool House

October 7th, 2010

The Software Tool House Diary Editor allows you to edit any historical entry in any Remedy ARS Form’s Diary Field. Diary Editor functions by updating only the records’ diary field contents using a Merge. In effect, it is similar to exporting the records’ data, editing it manually (and carefully), and importing that data back into the record. All Remedy server authentications and workflow are adhered to. Merge filters are fired or can be inhibited.

The Diary Editor is licensed annually on a server-by-server basis. Licenses are free.
Limitation of Liability
This program is provided “as-is”. We are in no way liable for any losses arising from your use of this program. It is your responsibility to evaluate this program. It is your responsibility to backup and protect your data.
Remedy Permissions
You need Administrator rights to use Diary Editor. Your Administrator can open it to all users.
You may download the Diary Editor anytime. Once you have filled in the License request form, you will receive a license key.

RemTools – BMC Remedy Administration & Development Tool from ITPROPHETS

August 30th, 2010

Calling All Remedy Administrators & Developers

Whether you are a Remedy Administrator or Remedy Developer you must see the latest productivity-improving utility toolset for the Remedy platform. Join IT Prophets for 45 minutes as we present RemTools Live! With each of these public webcasts you will learn how to review workflow and more without having to log into the Remedy Developer Console or the Remedy System Admin Tool.

In addition to viewing current workflow, you will see how easy it is to compare workflow from previous versions including the initial BMC provided workflow. In fact, any Remedy database object can be easily located with RemTools, such as:

  • Active Links
  • Filters
  • Active Link Guides
  • Filter Guides
  • Escalations
  • Menus
  • Applications
  • Forms
  • Web Services

“RemTools is exactly what we needed! RemTools will easily eliminate 5 weeks of effort with our Remedy upgrade project.”

Whether your Remedy environment is completely custom utilizing only ARS or is leveraging the ITSM application RemTools is for you. To learn more Register for RemTools Live! Today!

Space is limited so hurry! RemTools Live! sessions fill up quickly.  Click on the Register Now link next to the date and time of your choice.

RemTools Live!

Choose your date and then click on Register Now for the desired time to reserve your space. A confirmation e-mail with details will be sent to you.

(All times EST / Eastern)

Tuesday August 31

9:30 AM: Register Now >>

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Wednesday Sept 1

9:30 AM: Register Now >>

11:00 AM: Register Now >>

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Thursday Sept 2

9:30 AM: Register Now >>

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Contact IT Prophets:

Dan Podsobinski

p. 865-429-0664

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