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September 22nd, 2011

WWRUG conference ARSLIST awards session…

Dan and Kelly on stage

Farthest traveller at the WWRUG11 conference
Siriam Poramattakorn from Bangkok Thailand

ARSLIST about 6800 posts last year
Server delivers approximately 65000 emails each day

BMC customer awards (Doug Mueller)
Con-Agra foods, Dev Technologies, Research In Motion

Doug Mueller explained why Twinkies are significant food items at RUG’s (yes, they are “food”)

Longest Thread
“Field ID outside of reserved range – warning”

Most intriguing subject line
“Smart Phone browser compatibility -Dolphin”

Most off topic
“We are looking for control-M experts on the east coast” (deteriorated into discussion of breast feeding) (Column IT)

Wake up and smell the coffee awards
(most posts)
Joe D’Souza (281 in past year) (Joe also picked up his MVP award from last year)

Most valuable poster
Misi Mladoniczky

Dan and Misi

AR System Remedy Roots in the words of three founders at WWRUG11

September 21st, 2011

remedy founders

Hopefully you have seen the time-line (History of Remedy) that I have posted several years ago, confirming most of the things that I have mentioned and adding some fine details to it, the three founders Larry Garlick, Dave Mahler, and Doug Muller explained briefly how it all started, progressed and reached this stage.

Read more from Joe Caropepe’s blog post about the opening session.

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